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Science and Biomedical information about Wasabi

Wasabia japonica - Nature's Gift

Aids in Bone Calcification (fights/prevents Osteoporosis)

Wasabia Japonica - aids in Bone Calcification
The active biomedical compound found in the wasabi leaf stalk has a stimulatory effect on calcification.

Suzuki and his co-authors have found that a small molecular weight compound in Wasabia japonica leaf stalk extract has a significant stimulatory effect on bone calcification in vitro (Suzuki et al. 1997) and in vivo (Suzuki et al. 1999). The authors’ findings revealed that the compound was easily extracted from the plant tissue, is of small molecular weight and functions at low concentrations. However, the authors did not report on the identity of the active compound, nor on its mode of action.

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Anti-Coagulant (including inhibition of platelet aggregation in the treatment of heart attacks)
Anti-Inflammatory Agent or for the treatment of asthma or anaphylaxis
Other Health Benefits

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