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The following images were taken in May 2003 on location in British Columbia, as part of a segment for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's COUNTRY CANADA program on Wasabi. The program aired on September 16th, 2003 and January 4, 2004.

Photo by H M Archer (taken during interview)

"Wasabi likes cool temperatures and not too much sun. This area of British Columbia is great for growing semi-aquatic wasabi," Archer was quoted as saying.

Photo by H M Archer (taken during interview)

"We were very fortunate to get seeds from Japan at the beginning. We are the only place, outside of Japan that produces and germinates seeds on a commercial basis," Oates said.

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Wasabia japonica plants growing at Pacific Coast Wasabi's farms
Real Wasabia japonica plants grown in Canada by Pacific Coast Wasabi
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