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Nutraceutical uses for real wasabi

Wasabi is a powerful nutraceutical.

Wasabi produces a suite of biomedically active molecules called isothiocyanates. These compounds have been suggested to assist our healthy living through their actions as: antibiotics, anti-cancer agents, anti-inflammation agents and anticoagulants (see Science & Biomedical page for more info). Other biomolecules of Wasabi have also been related to bone calcification.

The scientific literature supporting these claims is available upon request.

Pacific Coast Wasabi Ltd is now supplying its organic freeze-dried Wasabi (Wasabia japonica) to herbal dietary supplement manufacturers.

Freeze Dry Wasabia japonica

Eclectic Institute:

Pacific Coast Wasabi uses only the purest, highest quality, natural, raw ingredient available. Because our company is the grower of our product, we are able to control the quality from seed to harvest. In this way we can pay attention to every detail and ensure product uniformity. We use whole fresh plants of highest quality and process immediately to ensure maximum utilization and results to your consumers.

Pacific Coast Wasabi is committed to working closely with you to incorporate the latest research and clinical findings of Wasabia japonica. We use whole fresh plants or rhizome only and process immediately to ensure maximum utilization and results. Our freeze dry method allows for optimal potency of the biomedically active compounds of Wasabia japonica.

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Premium semi-aquatic
(sawa) Wasabi

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Our 1/2 Pound size is priced just right for those of you looking to add a little wasabi to your life. A Premium semi-aquatic Wasabi (Sawa). [ Buy Now ]

We Supply Premium Wasabi Japonica:

• Culinary & restaurant sector

• Nutraceutical organizations

• Individual orders welcome

• Expedited shipping worldwide

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fresh Wasabia japonica
Wasabia japonica has an extraordinary number of culinary and nutraceutical uses.
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