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Fresh Wasabia japonica Rhizomes

Premium semi-aquatic (sawa) Wasabi

Premium semi-aquatic sawa wasabi from pacific coast wasabi in vancouver

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½ Kilogram
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Freeze Dry Wasabia japonica

Rhizome only Wasabi
wasabi powder for sale wasabi products

100 Grams

Nutraceutical Wasabia Japonica Capsules

Purchase Wasabi in pill form for its myriad of health benefits.
Find out more about this natural health boost in our Nutraceutical Wasabi and Science and Biomedical sections. Wasabi assists in health living as: antibiotics, anti-cancer agents, anti-inflammation agents and anticoagulants.

Nutraceutical Wasabi (50 capsules)
Nutraceutical Wasabia Japonica Capsules



Ceramic Wasabi Grater
Ceramic Wasabi Grater Pacific Coast Wasabi


We Supply Premium Wasabi Japonica:

• Culinary & restaurant sector

• Nutraceutical organizations

• Individual orders welcome

• Expedited shipping worldwide

fresh Wasabia japonica from Pacific Coast Wasabi
Wasabia japonica grown in North America by Pacific Coast Wasabi (semi aquatic, sawa wasabi)
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